Season 06 - Episode 10 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (23.11.2016)


The Dead Dranks have been around for quite some time. Having just released their self-titled debut, we seized the opportunity to invite them over and make them spill the beans. Sotos, Tony, Polydoros & Akis (Vocals & guitars, bass & drums respectively) were given the Heavy & Unhealthy treatment over at our dirty headquarters. Here are two hours of blabber and a live session by the aforementioned rascals. Unfortunately, having erased the multi-channel recording by accident, we uploaded the radio version of the live session. Sorry Dranks, we owe you some beers...




Season 06 - Episode 09 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (16.11.2016)

 Two and a half hours of bad puns and horrible jokes with the four fifths of Blame Kandinsky. Marios, Spyros, Kostas & Chris (two guitarists, a bassist & a drummer respectively) sat on the casting couch of the H&U headquarters to talk about their latest release 'Spotting Elegance In Chaos' and their future plans. As always, a pleasure hanging around those guys and listening to their tunes. Looking forward to a future live session with those badasses!



Season 06 - Episode 08 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (09.11.2016)

 This one features The Curf, a band that has been making noise in Athens for the past 10 years. Having just returned back in action with their excellent 'Royal Water' EP, Chris, Spyros & Pepper (guitars & vocals, bass guitar & drums respectively) joined us in our man cave in Piraeus for a couple of hours, during which we talked about the bands' history & future plans, their future live shows & as always their food of choice. Finally, they graced us with an awesome live session featuring a couple of never before released tracks! Special thanx to Nancy Sim (of 'The Burning Sticks') for putting up with 6 guys in a small space for two long hours and for her amazing live performance.




Season 06 - Episode 07 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (02.11.2016)

Just another solo web radio podcast by yours truly, featuring -among others- some Greek underground music.




Season 06 - Episode 06 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (26.10.2016)

Rita Mosss & Friend Of Gods visited H&U for a joined interview and two consecutive live sessions a few days before hitting the road for a three-day mini tour. I could go on and on about the bands or the music they play, but I won't. Suffice it to say that these guys are plain crazy. If your are a fan of non-easy listening music with an attitude, then this is a must. It took us almost two months to upload this one, and just in time for Friend Of Gods latest release 'You Gotta Look Good In This Fuckin Business'. Sorry, not sorry.
Oh, almost forgot: ROUFAAA



Season 06 - Episode 05 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (19.10.2016)


graced us with another visit, this time not only to give Heavy & Unhealthy just an interview, but to perform live as well. Dam, Chef & Kavaldi (drums, guitar & bass respectively) joined the H&U crew for two long hours, during which they gave us an update regarding their upcoming release (still in process), as well as their future plans on live gigs and whatnot. Rawk!




Season 06 - Episode 04 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (12.10.2016)


BUS (aka Bus The Unknown Secretary) is a 4-piece heavy metal band from Athens. They've been around for about 4 years, they self-financed their first 3 EPs and have been playing live non-stop for the past 6 months to promote their Debut LP 'The Unkown Secretary' (out now by Twin Earth Records). Bill, Aris, John & Spyros (vocals & guitar, drums, guitar and bass respectively) hang out with the H&U crew for 3 hours and gave us the royal tour of the bands' history. Finally, they delivered a massive live session. Check them out!


Kicking off the 6th Season, episodes 00-03

Kicking off the 6th season of the show, always drunk & stoned.
Hey-Ho, let's go!

Season 06 - Episode 00 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (14.09.2016)

Season 06 - Episode 01 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (21.09.2016)

Season 06 - Episode 02 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (28.09.2016)

Season 06 - Episode 03 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (05.10.2016)



Season 05 - Episode 18 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (20.07.2016)


This here long overdue recording features Athens' finest sludge 'n roll trio. Korsikov closed the fifth season of the show in the best way possible, with an interview and a killer live session. Jorgos, Giannis & Stavros (guitars & vocals, drums and guitars respectively) joined forces with Stavros (lungs @ Sadhus) and delivered 2 hours of pure audio entertainment. All you need to know about the freshly released s/t debut album from Korsikov (out now by Fuzz Ink. Records), some facts regarding the story behind the band and finally, 20 minutes of live performance can be found in this here upload. If you find yourself in Athens on October 14th, you'll have the opportunity to catch them live.
Alas, the third part of the live session drops in quality due to some technical issues during the recording. Sorry.




Season 05 - Episode 17 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (13.07.2016)

This here show features yours truly and a bunch of tracks by local bands who participate in this years' New Long Fest. Awesome Fest, great vibes, lots of beer.