Season 06 - Episode 05 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (19.10.2016)


graced us with another visit, this time not only to give Heavy & Unhealthy just an interview, but to perform live as well. Dam, Chef & Kavaldi (drums, guitar & bass respectively) joined the H&U crew for two long hours, during which they gave us an update regarding their upcoming release (still in process), as well as their future plans on live gigs and whatnot. Rawk!




Season 06 - Episode 04 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (12.10.2016)


BUS (aka Bus The Unknown Secretary) is a 4-piece heavy metal band from Athens. They've been around for about 4 years, they self-financed their first 3 EPs and have been playing live non-stop for the past 6 months to promote their Debut LP 'The Unkown Secretary' (out now by Twin Earth Records). Bill, Aris, John & Spyros (vocals & guitar, drums, guitar and bass respectively) hang out with the H&U crew for 3 hours and gave us the royal tour of the bands' history. Finally, they delivered a massive live session. Check them out!


Kicking off the 6th Season, episodes 00-03

Kicking off the 6th season of the show, always drunk & stoned.
Hey-Ho, let's go!

Season 06 - Episode 00 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (14.09.2016)

Season 06 - Episode 01 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (21.09.2016)

Season 06 - Episode 02 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (28.09.2016)

Season 06 - Episode 03 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (05.10.2016)



Season 05 - Episode 18 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (20.07.2016)


This here long overdue recording features Athens' finest sludge 'n roll trio. Korsikov closed the fifth season of the show in the best way possible, with an interview and a killer live session. Jorgos, Giannis & Stavros (guitars & vocals, drums and guitars respectively) joined forces with Stavros (lungs @ Sadhus) and delivered 2 hours of pure audio entertainment. All you need to know about the freshly released s/t debut album from Korsikov (out now by Fuzz Ink. Records), some facts regarding the story behind the band and finally, 20 minutes of live performance can be found in this here upload. If you find yourself in Athens on October 14th, you'll have the opportunity to catch them live.
Alas, the third part of the live session drops in quality due to some technical issues during the recording. Sorry.




Season 05 - Episode 17 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (13.07.2016)

This here show features yours truly and a bunch of tracks by local bands who participate in this years' New Long Fest. Awesome Fest, great vibes, lots of beer.




Season 05 - Episode 16 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (06.07.2016)

Still Falling are no strangers to the Heavy & Unhealthy Radio Show. It' s been a while since they last came by for an interview and to tell the truth I've been looking forward to the occasion. Spiros, Nikos & Manos (Guitars & Bass) joined yours truly for about 2 hours, throughout which we talked about their latest release Free Of Avidya, their successful quest on finding the right drummer for the job, their future plans and some philosophical-metaphysical stuff as well. The future looks promising!



Season 05 - Episode 15 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (29.06.2016)

Caught this band just in the nick of time, a few days before they hit the road for a mini tour to promote their latest release entitled 'Revel In Demise'. Endless Recovery is a five-piece thrash band, hailing from Athens. Michalis, Tasos & Michalis (drums, guitar & vocals respectively) kept me company for a couple of hours, throughout which we went through their music and the hardships of life. Grab a brewski and turn up the volume...


Smoke The Fuzz Fest

Well, it's no secret that the Greek scene has upped the ante in the past few years, in terms of musical production and live performances. And about fucking time for that matter. As various new bands sprout by the month and new releases hit my news feed daily, I have come to the realization that this new wave of audiovisual goodness derives not only from the creativity and the inspiration of all the new and old local musical projects, but also evolves from the individual or collective efforts of local promoters. As I have a special affection for anything underground, I find particular interest into anything that starts as a one-man-effort and in this particular case, a one-woman-effort. So let me say a few words about Smoke The Fuzz Gigs and the culprit Elina.
I first met Elina when she was DJ-ing in a dodgy bar/live stage. That must 've been about 4 years ago. Impressed by the variety of tunes she spinned as well as the knowledge that girl had, we had a small chat about our general activities. When she told me that she had just started a small live production/promotion company, I asked her to come by the show. Thus we had the first radio session with Smoke The Fuzz Gigs. I have to say, I was overwhelmed by the amount of the tunes she brought with her that day. I can tell you with all honesty that it was that day that I started listening to at least half a dozen new bands and started further exploring the doom/sludge/stoner genre. Despite the fact that we got shitfaced during that first radio interview, Elina kept rambling on about this and that band, about several releases and gigs that she loved in outstanding clarity and passion. I mean, she even brought notes for fucks' sake! I knew in spite of my baked head that the person that sat across me was deadly serious about music.
In time a came to love the way she chose to promote the various Smoke The Fuzz events (which grew bigger and bigger in terms of booking and attendance) in the social media. It was like reading ramblings of a die-hard fan, rather than press releases. Some may find that a bit unprofessional, but my personal opinion is that metal music is supposed to be personal and sometimes offensive, rather than clean and politically correct. Make no mistake, the personal attitude has not yet afflicted any blows on the sheer professionaism that is experienced in any of the StF gigs I have ever attended. Don't take my word for it, just ask another concert goer or even a band member that has been given the (royal) hospitality and treatment during their tour visit to Greece. About a month ago, Elina agreed to a second radio interview, this time in the new home of Heavy & Unhealthy. I can tell you that the passion for good music and quality live production are still there. She was kind enough to through us a bone, announcing her plans for a big festival. Well, it's here, it comes in three parts and the line up is deadly. Keep up the good work Elina!


Smoke The Fuzz gigs
proudly presents
the first Smoke The Fuzz Fest

The first ever and biggest festival in Greece that exclusively addresses to enthusiasts of doom/post/stoner/sludge/psychedelic/space/blues sounds!!!

Smoke The Fuzz is breaking ground with the gathering of huge international bands of the heavy sound under one stage, thus creating the first ever festival in Greece that exclusively addresses to enthusiasts of doom/post/stoner/sludge/psychedelic/space/blues sounds! Three different editions on three different days were designed in accordance to the style of the bands included, thus rendering each day an unprecedented for Greek standards music marathon that will satisfy the wishes of the fans of each and every one of our favorite genres and subgenres.

- Fall of Doom edition || Saturday 17 September 2016 @ Gagarin 205 LIve Music Space : Yob - Bongzilla - Dopethrone - Sons of Otis - black cobra - SUMA - Love Sex Machine
event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1180413471992690/
tickets : https://www.viva.gr/tickets/music/gagarin205/smoke-the-fuzz-fall-of-doom-edition-en/
- Howler edition || Saturday 22 October 2016 @ Gagarin 205 LIve Music Space : All Them Witches - Earthless - Causa Sui - band page - Electric Moon - Siena Root - Yuri Gagarin
event : https://www.facebook.com/events/999988643453536/
tickets : https://www.viva.gr/tickets/music/gagarin205/smoke-the-fuzz-howler-edition-en/
- Post-mortem edition || Saturday&Sunday 5-6 November @ Iera Odos : Russian Circles - Cult of Luna w/ Julie Christmas
event : https://www.facebook.com/events/208487219549851/
tickets : https://www.viva.gr/tickets/music/iera-odos/smoke-the-fuzz-fest-en/

Smoke The Fuzz Fest is entirely special in its conception and identity, since the line-up of each day is globally unique, it does not follow a particular and is certainly not an extension or a copy of any other pre-existing international festival. All the bands were picked one by one, many of them flying as one-offs from the other side of the Atlantic! Without a shadow of a doubt, the first Smoke The Fuzz Fest is the greatest festival in the history of Greek concert standards that concern the heavy scene. It includes 17 artists from abroad, many of which would qualify as a surprise to watch on a stand-alone headlining concert in our country, let alone seeing them sharing the stage all together with other acclaimed and up and coming artists of our favorite scene. Smoke The Fuzz Fest really does have the whole package: It includes bands that the Greek audience had been yearning to see for many years now (Bongzilla, Sons of Otis, Causa Sui, Electric Moon), bands with whom we’ve already established an unmatched bond of love (Yob, Earthless, Dopethrone, All Them Witches, Russian Circles, Suma, Siena Root, Black Cobra), selective special appearances (Cult Of Luna feat. Julie Christmas), and bands that qualify as some of the greatest up and coming talents of the heavy underground (Yuri Gagarin, Love Sex Machine). Responses for this one of a kind lineup were extended on a global scale, both in the media world and the fans of this sound themselves. With the announcement of the line-ups, people from all over the world obtained airplane and festival tickets so they can be a part of the triple ceremony of Smoke The Fuzz Fest. Since it is already receiving the practical interest of fans from abroad, it is obvious that this is a gigantic effort of Smoke The Fuzz, a musical initiative that drags Greece away from the background and places it the center of the maps of European festivals. We can now be proud of having our own festival of international standards. It is time to sow the seeds from an unprecedented trip, with an equally unprecedented -for our country- line up. A breathtaking musical Hydra with three heads, a unique festival for a unique audience and undoubtedly, a cultural experience no one should miss.




Season 05 - Episode 14 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (22.06.2016)


This is the recorded and mixed version of the interview & the live session that Half Gramme Of Soma delivered. A higher power that cannot be named shut the internet down for the entirety of the show, but we prevailed. Half Gramme Of Soma ladies and gentlemen, straight outta 4th floor. Enjoy!



Season 05 - Episode 13 of the web radio show Heavy & Unhealthy (15.06.2016)

They are heavy, they are fast, they are Convixion. This show features all three Convixion members, namely Nikos, Michalis & Manos (guitars & vocals, bass & vocals and drums, respectively). We brought the beers, they supplied the tunes. Here's two hours of pure speed metal, featuring Convixions' latest release 'Days Of Rage, Nights Of Wrath' (out now by Eat Metal Records), some mindless blabbering concerning the bands' doings as well as the Greek metal scene and last, but definitely not least, a live session delivered by the aforementioned scum.
We had a blast, click play and enjoy!